Christ, Noah and Baptism -

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Scripture: 1 Pet 3:17 – 4:12

2 Heart Attacks

1 Pet 3:17< >4:1 Suffering book ends

Since Christ bore witness through his suffering and was vindicated, we too, can bear witness through suffering and trust God to vindicate us.


  1. Christ suffered unjustly on our behalf

    1 Pet 3:18

    Christ suffered for doing right. We may suffer for witnessing.

    Uniqueness of Christ's suffering

    - the righteous for the unrighteous

    - for our sins (due to which we are cut off)

    - to bring us to God

    - suffered and died

    - once for all (for all the sins we have committed and

    will commit) Heb 7:27; 9:12

  2. Christ bore witness through His unjust suffering

    1 Pet 3:19

    He went and preached

    To whom? Sinners

    what? Gospel

    How? Through the Holy Spirit

  3. Christ was vindicated through his Resurrection and Ascension

    1 Pet 3:18b, 21b-22

    Vindication: To prove what someone said or did was right or true, after other people thought it was wrong. Declare 'not gulity' while others say guilty.

    Even today God delays just as in the days of Noah 1 Pet 3:20 "God waited patiently..."

    2 Pet 3:3-10 Just as in Noah's day, the flood was delayed for many years(120) and yet certain so is the second coming of Jesus to judge the earth has been delayed but is drawing ever closer. The patience of God keeps waiting but He will not wait forever. Today is the day of salvation.


    1) We can bear witness through suffering and trust God to vindicate us

    1 Pet 3:18 Peter implies that we bear witness through suffering in two ways

    a) We bear witness through Baptism 1 Pet3:21

    Many of Peter's people are suffering because they took baptism. Many were reluctant to take baptism because they saw the suffering of those who took baptism. So Peter is urging them to make public confession of their faith through baptism. Here he uses the example of Noah's Ark. All those who believed in a "Business As Usual" world got saved through the Ark. Peter clarifies that the ritual of baptism doesn't save unless there is an appeal to God for a good conscience.

    b) We bear witness through Holy Living in this wicked world

    1 Pet3:20

    Lotus in Dirt

    v20 refers to Noah. It took 120 years for him to build the ark in obedience to God. His neighbours watched and no doubt ridiculed the old man who spent so much time building this ocean liner in the middle of dry ground. By his godly life and words, Noah preached righteousness to his generation, 1 Pet 2:5 Inspite of his hard and long labor, only 7 others got saved. The rest of the world perished. Luke 13:22f. Peter's readers were a samll minority – seeking to obey God in a godless culture.

    1 Pet 4:4 Like Noah stood alone for God and witnessed and was delivered by God we too should witness and be saved from the perishing world.

2. If we bear witness throurgh Baptism and Holy Living, God will vindicate us. 21b

God vindicated Noah and Christ though they were a minority. Even if we give our lives in matryrdom, the day is coming when we will be vindicated. Rev 6:9-11. Christ's Resurrection and Ascension assures us that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We need not fear what this wicked world can do to us.


Am i saved?

Have I witnesssed Christ through Baptism?

Am i standing alone for Chist in my sphere of influence?