Living Stone and Chosen People -

Larger Through Evangelism, 12/4/2016 12:00:00 AM


Scripture: 1 Peter 2: 4-12

Living Stone – Jesus

Stone and Rock are usually used in Bible to represent Jesus in the Bible

Peter writes this letter to scattered people

  1. Who is Christ is to us?

    - Living Stone

    - Chosen Stone

    - Precious Corner VStone

    Psalm 46: Confidence in God

    Trust in the Lord and you will not be shaken

  2. What have we become in Christ?

    - As you keep coming to Him, the life in Him flows to us

    - Believers became living stones

    - Reflectors of God’s light, living a life just like Jesus

    - Being built up into a spiritual house

    - Aliens in the world

    We all are important in the body of Christ

    Those who fail to believe in this stone will stumble, the things on which

    they have put their trust in will make them stumble.

  3. What is our responsibility now?

    - When you are chosen, you are chosen for a purpose

    - Share the love that God showed to us

    - Stand in the gap

    - Become a mouthpiece of people to God, interceding for their pain

    - Be a walking gospel, portraying God through your life