What should we pray for - Pastor Benny

Closer Through Prayer, 7/8/2018 12:00:00 AM

What should we pray for?
Scripture: Isaiah 62:1-5
666: Overall decline of society. Rev 13:18
- Divorce, violence, sexual abuse, Aids, Drug abuse, Debt, Food adulteration
- Isaiah 62 was written against a similar background
- The prophet is heartbroken at the condition of Jerusalem and he cries Is 62:1
- The prophet commits himself to ceaseless prayer and action for revival.
- 1857, Jeremiah Lanphier New York
“till her righteousness shines out like dawn.
- Righteousness involves people living in right relationships with God and with one another.
- Is 58:
- Christianity is more about relationships rather than rules.
- World should witness a Christian community which is united in Love, Truth and Grace
2. A NEW FREEDOM: Is 62:1b
“Her salvation like a blazing torch”
- God saved His people to shine out from the city.
- Salvation means freedom or release from bondage.
- Phil 2:15; Shine like stars in the universe.
- When we shine, world will take notice
- Is 62:2a, the nations will see your righteousness and all kings your glory.
3. A NEW IDENTITY: 2b, 3, 4
“you will be called by a new name….”
- Name change signifies radical change in their status and fortunes
- Jacob to Israel.
- Vs. 4 No longer “Deserted” but Hephzibah which means “my delight is in you”
- Desolate: but Beulah(married)
- Church will be no more a deserted and desolate place, it will be a place where God
clearly delights.
- Vs. 3 they will be guarded and upheld, possessing royal worth and dignity.
4. A NEW LOVE: vs.5
“Bride – Church: Bridegroom – God”
- Young couple wedding
- So, will your God rejoice over you: Honeymoon
- All this talk about the relationship between God and His people: A relationship of
Love that is genuine and experienced. It is a picture commitment, love and Joy
All this will happen when God comes to His people. Isaiah 64:1, 2